Gift Guide #5: Your Outdoorsy Sister Who Rides Bikes in the Mountains and Always Knows What to Say When You Need Her.

Star-spangled robe because she's out of this world (ba dum tsh!). And she'd look ridiculously gorgeous in it. 35 Euro.
Wooden sandwich boards for serving stinky cheese or turkey sandwiches to friends outside, $80 for four.

A beautiful print of an actual snow crystal to remind her of your childhood winters in Michigan, $60.

Portable bonfire log. If you want to gather friends around a crackling flame for a chat, this log just needs a single match to light! How cool is that? $28.

Four of your favorite books to add to her brilliant bookcase.

Morning mug, which understands her need for coffee. $15.

Faceted magnets. They're not just beautiful but are also the World's Strongest Magnets. $16 to $80.

Happy Socks from Sweden, $12. (Or a cute four-pack for $45.)

Heart spoons, 10 euro each.

Clare Vivier clutches have been featured everywhere online, but they'd be perfect for dinners out, drinks with friends, running to meet her husband, $165. (I really like this neon one, too.)

NatureBox, a monthly subscription to surprise her with a box of different healthy snacks every month. We've tried it, and they're DELICIOUS. (Think: carrot chips! blueberry almond bites!) $60 for three months.

Calligraphy return address stamp, since her doctor handwriting looks like this. $68.

Plus a handwritten card from you (and a signature motorcycle drawing from your toddler). $4.50.

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(Morning mug via D*S)