Accessories - The First Wave

Here's a peak to show parents a bit more detail regarding some of the accessories that can be purchased through the nabi Store and select retailers. This is just really the first wave of which will shortly become a tsunami of optional add-ons for the nabi Tablet line.

The quality of the products is as good as promised in this sampling. The only thing I had slight issues with was the zipper on the nabi Protective Case which was a bit hard to close because of the dips on the top edge. This didn't seem to be as bad when opening the zipper though.
Kinabi Interest Packs - Desserts, Sports, Animals & Letters (Alphabet)
nabi Protective Case with Original nabi Tablet
nabi Protective Case with nabi 2 Tablet
nabi Charger Kit - Packaging (Front)
nabi Charger Kit - Packaging (Back)
nabi Charger Kit - Packaging (Open Flap)
nabi Charger Kit - Carrying Case, 10ft USB Cable, Combination Car & Wall Charger
nabi Power Bank - Packaging
nabi Power Bank - USB Cable, Micro USB Cable & Battery Pack
nabi Power Bank - 1.0A & 2.5 Ouptut & Micro USB Input Ports
nabi Power Bank - Specifications
nabi Care Kit (2) & Armor Shield (1)- Opened with Micro Fiber Cloth
nabi Backpack - Exterior (Front)
nabi Backpack - Exterior (Back)
nabi Backpack - Interior with nabi Protective Case stowed away