Natural place to shop:

This post is sponsored by I'm proud to be working with them, and we love and use their site for our family. Their all-natural products are a huge step in the right direction!

When shopping for your family, the farmer's market is fantastic, but outside that, I get nervous. When we go to the supermarket, I suddenly get suspicious of all the packaged goods. After watching Food, Inc., and hearing reports about unsafe beauty and baby products, I walk down the aisles and wonder: Is this dish soap safe for my baby? Is this body lotion full of chemicals? Do these crackers have unnatural ingredients?

So, I literally cheered when I discovered, a new site that carries ALL natural products. They refuse to carry anything with questionable ingredients, so you can trust that everything you buy will be top-notch. They carry household cleaning, beauty, shower and baby products, as well as organic snacks and groceries. And they deliver in two days. What a godsend!

We try to live a healthy, natural lifestyle, as I'm sure everyone does, and is going make that so much easier. I'm so excited to introduce them to you guys, if you haven't heard of them already. xoxo

Above are a few of my favorite Vine products so far, including dried strawberries (Toby's new favorite snack), natural household cleaning products, and shampoo for washing your favorite wool sweaters in the sink.

Bonus for all readers: Get 20% off your first order with the code 20CUPJO. Good for the next seven days. Find everything here.
(Photos by Sarina Cass for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by, whose mission I adore. Thank you so much for supporting the sponsors that make Cup of Jo possible.)