Once Upon a Time...

A number of parents have asked if Scholastic's Storia app could be installed on the nabi 2 Tablet.  It's currently only available through the Google Play Store, but since it is a free app and thanks to Fan-a-Tech Nikki, parents in the United States can now install Storia and begin enjoying the wide selection of books that Scholastic has to offer children ages 0-13+.

Here's Nikki's review. " This app is amazing!  Picture the Kindle or Nook app just for kids!  It has your typical Scholastic books, including Diary of a Whimpy Kid and Harry Potter!  And the prices are great!  This will also give credit to your classrooms so your teacher can still get their free books!  You can also set up different bookshelves so each child can have a bookshelf filled with age appropriate books.  Also any book that has a lightning bolt next to it means its an interactive!  Like one of the books it comes with has a little game on one page that asks the reader to find 3 things that start with the letter "S"!  My son loves it!   You also get 5 free books that includes Goosebumps and Clifford!  One of our new favorite apps! "

It is highly recommended that you register for a Scholastic account, prior to installing the app on the nabi 2 Tablet.  Click on the Register link in the top right corner of the Scholastic homepage and enter the required information to create an account.

1. Power on the nabi 2 Tablet.
2. Log into Mommy/Daddy Mode.
3. Launch the Browser app.
4. Type everythingnabi into the address bar and hit the Enter key.
5. Click on the Everything Nabi! link.
6. Click on the Once Upon a Time... post and scroll down to Step 7.
7. Click this link to download Scholastic Storia v1.0. (Alternative Link)
8. When the download is complete, launch the apk installation.
9. When the installation is complete click on the Open button.
10. Sign into the app using the e-mail address and password you used when registering.
11.  Dismiss the Download the Storia Dictionary pop-up window by clicking on the Download Later button.
12. Click on the Go Now button when the Set Up Your Bookshelves pop-up window displays.
13. Select the number of bookshelves you'd like to create, then click the Next button.
14. Enter the first name and birth month and year of each child being assigned a bookshelf, then click the Next button.
15. Assign the 5 free books that come with the app to the appropriate bookshelves or if they are not age appropriate, leave them Not Assigned.  Click the Next button.
NOTE: A book can only be assigned to one bookshelf at a time.
16. Click the Close button to exit the Bookshelf setup process.
17. Click on the desired Bookshelf button.
18. To access the Bookshelf settings, click on the icon in the top left corner.
19. Click on the View option to choose a Bookshelf or Detailed look.
20. Click on the Sort option to sort by Author, Last Read, Newest and Title.
21. Click on the Wallpaper option to pick a different color scheme.
22. Click on one of the free books to begin downloading it to read.
23. The lightning icon indicates some sort of interactivity within the book.  
This can include comprehension questions and videos.
24. Exit out of the bookshelf, by hitting the Back key.
25. Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner.
26. Click the Shop for eBooks button in order to access the Scholastic Storia store.
27. Shopping by Grades makes it easy to find books that are age appropriate.
28. Make your selection, check-out and your new eBooks will sync with the tablet after you hit the Sync Your Account button.

Happy Reading!