Motherhood Mondays: Toddler activities?

Toby went to preschool this summer, which was great, but when we were about to sign him up for the fall, we realized that the year-round program costs $53/hour! Can you believe that? Curses, NYC! Needless to say, we didn't sign him up, and instead figured we would just do cool activities with his friends a couple mornings a week.

Specificially, every Morning morning, he goes to the apartment of his best lady friend (who was also his first kiss!), and they do fun stuff. First, they baked banana/blueberry muffins. The second week, they made guacamole, below. The third week, we're planning to carve pumpkins.

Any other ideas for fun toddler activities? Art projects perhaps? Or a jam session with instruments? A parachute could be fun! What do you do with your little ones? Do any of you guys homeschool or teach preschool? Thank you SO much for any ideas! xoxo

P.S. Speaking of documentaries, there's a crazy (but true) one about NYC preschools.