How do I install Netflix on the nabi 2 Tablet?

Here is the answer to the most Frequently Asked Question on the nabi Facebook page.  Netflix does not come pre-installed on the nabi 2 Tablet, due to the hoops that the Netflix now requires manufacturers to go through in order to register their app.  Kind of silly when we as parents can just get it for free using this method.

1. Install and configure the Amazon Appstore using the steps shown in this other blog post.  Do not skip setting up the Parental Controls and In-app Purchases or you are guaranteed to someday have a huge surprise on your CC.

2. Launch the Amazon Appstore.
3. Click in the search field and type Netflix and then hit the Enter key.
4. Click on the Netflix result.

5.Click the Download begin downloading the apk to the tablet.

6.Click the Install button.

7.Click the Open button to launch Netflix.
8. Login with your existing account or register for a new one.
9. Exit Netflix by hitting the Back soft key.
10. Exit the Amazon Appstore by hitting the Back soft key, if it is still running behind Netflix.

To make the newly installed app available for your child in nabi Mode, perform the following steps.
11. Click on the Add Apps app in Parent Mode.
12. Check the Netflix app to make available in nabi Mode.
13. Back out of Add Apps by hitting the Back soft key.
14. Click the nabi Mode app, to launch nabi Mode.
15. Click the All Apps icon, the six squares in the top right corner, to access the full list of available apps in nabi Mode.
16. Click and hold on the Netflix app to put it on the Home Screen and position it in an open space.