UPDATED - Googlie Booglie!

Want to watch a Youtube video? Looking to create a Google Document?  Have to upload a file to your Google Drive account?  Want to surf the web using the Chrome browser?  Looking to read your favorite Magazine or Novel?  Need to rent and download a Movie for  a car trip?  Want to sideload a licensed app from another Android device and have it work?  If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you'll want to follow the steps outlined in this post.

The Google Play Store app is included in this list but it only allows you to purchase Books, Magazines, Music and buy or rent Movies for streaming or download.  It also permits in-app purchases and app license checks.  It does not allow for the purchase, downloading or upgrading of Android apps.

NOTE: Google Play Movies & TV app will not currently stream or download movies, so it is currently not available for download on this page.

he required apks need to be installed in sequence, so please ensure that you follow the step-by-step instructions below on your nabi 2 Tablet and everything should run smoothly.  Updates have been placed at the top of this post for easy access, once you've gone through the original process.

The following is a list of updates that have come out since the initial blog posting.  These updates only need to be done if if you went through the process of installing the required and optional apks previously.  These updates have been integrated into the main steps below, so if you are going through the installation process for the first time, skip down to the Required Apks stage below.  This list is updated whenever Google puts out updates for the apps listed below.  Be sure to "Like" my Facebook page to be notified when new updates are posted.

REQUIRED UPDATES: Google Play Services v2.0.12, Google Play Store v3.10.10 and Gmail v4.2.1.

UPDATE December 20, 2012: The following apps have been updated to the latest version: Google + v3.3.1.40177215, Google Earth v7.0.2.841, Google Play Books v2.7.25, Maps v6.14.2.

UPDATE December 14, 2012: The following apps have been updated to the latest version: Chrome to Phone v2.3.2, Google+ v3.3.0.40049528, Google Calendar v201212060, Google Currents v2.0.0, Google Drive v1.1.470.15, Google Earth v7.0.2.8403, Google Play Magazines v1.2.0, Google Play Movies & TV v2.3.7, Google Search v1.4.1.278776 and YouTube v4.2.16.

UPDATE December 5, 2012:
  The following new app has been made available from the Google Play Store: Google Gesture Search v2.0.1. The following apps have been updated to the latest version: Google Play Services v2.0.10,  Google Search v1.3.3247963, and Google Translate v2.5.3.

UPDATE December 1, 2012:
The following apps have been updated to the latest version:
Chrome v18.0.1025469, and Google Drive v1.1.470.11.

November Updates: The following apps have been updated to the latest version: Blogger v2.0, Google Analytics v1.1.7, Google Calendar v201210220, Google Earth v7.0.1.8239, Google Music v4.4.811H.526848, Google Play Books v2.6.41, Google Play Magazines v1.1.2, Google+ v3.2.2.38469528, Google Translate v2.5.2, Maps v6.14.1 and YouTube v4.1.47.

October Updates: The following apps have been updated to the latest versions available from the Google Play Store: Chrome to Phone v2.3.1, Google Play Movies & TV v2.1.9, Street View v1.8.1.2 Voice Search v.2.14.

1. Power on the nabi 2 Tablet.
2. Log into Mommy/Daddy Mode.
3. Launch the Browser app.
4. Type everythingnabi into the address bar and hit the Enter key.
5. Click on the Everything Nabi! link.
6. Click on the Googlie Booglie! post then scroll down to Step 7.
7. Click this link to download the Google Services Framework - Login system for Google Apps.
8. Click on the Download button.
9. Click on the Download link in the bottom right corner, once the download has completed.
10. Click the Install button.
11. Click the Done button.
12. Close the Browser tab for the file just downloaded.
13. Click to download and install the following apks in order.   Follow steps 8-12 for each apk until all are installed.
14. After installing the Google Play Store apk, click the Open button.
15. Click the Existing or New buttons depending on if you have a Google Account or not.  The following steps assume that you already have an account.
16. Sign in with your Google Account information.
17. Click the Sign In button.
18. Check or uncheck the Backup and Restore option.
19. Click the Next button.
20. Review the Google Play Terms of Service and click the Accept button.
21. Do not update or attempt to install any apps, as it will force close the Google Play Store.  The apk file installed is not fully functional on the nabi 2 Tablet. It does however allow for the purchase of Books, Movies and Music.  The following pop-up will appear if you attempt to update or purchase an app.

CAUTIONIf you have a credit card assigned to your Google Play account, be sure to set a PIN for all purchases in the Google Play Store app.  Launch Google Play in Parent Mode, click on the three dots in the top right corner and select Settings > User Controls.  Set a PIN and check the Use Pin for Purchases option.  This will guarantee no unexpected purchases showing up at the end of the month.  
If you ever see this pop-up, you`ll need to perform a Force Close, and Clear Data on the Google Play Store app under Settings > Apps > Google Play Store.

22. Back out of the Google Play Store by hitting the Back soft key.
23. Follow steps 8-12 for each apk that you'd like to install. 
  • Chrome - Google's web browser app.*
  • Google Calendar - Displays events from your Google account(s) that are linked to the device.
  • Google Drive - Google's free 5GB Cloud storage and Docs app.
  • UPDATED Google Earth - Virtual globe app.
  • Google Gesture Search - Search by drawing gestures.
  • Google Music - Music player with cloud storage and access to millions of songs.
  • Google Play Books - eBook reader with access to millions of books.
  • Google Play Magazines - Read your favorite magazines anywhere you go.
  • NOT WORKING Google Play Movies & TV -  Video library with access to thousands of movies and television shows. 
  • UPDATED Google + - Social networking and identity service.
  • Google Search - Search box widget.
  • UPDATED Maps - Web mapping service app.
  • Street View - Explorer the world at street level through Maps.
  • Voice Search - Search the web and your device with your voice.
  • YouTube - Video sharing and viewing app.
NOTE: If you choose to install the Chrome an/or the Google Drive apks, the next apk you click on will launch the following pop-up menu.  Check the default box at the bottom and choose the Browser option.  Once this entire process is completed you can go to Settings > Apps > All > Browser > Clear Defaults.

24.  Follow steps 8-12 for each apk that you'd like to install.   
  • Androidify - App that allows you to customize and share the Android.
  • Blogger - Blog publishing app.
  • Chrome to Phone - App that allows links and other information to be moved between Chrome browser on a computer to an Android device.
  • Google Analytics - App that displays detailed statistical analysis of your websites.
  • Google Body - 3D human anatomy. NOTE:  With the closure of Google Labs this app is no longer available on Google Play Store.  It however has been expanded online via Zygote Body.
  • Google Currents - A social magazine app.
  • Google Finance -  Stock quote and financial portfolio app.
  • Google Reader - Atom and RSS feed reader.  An excellent app to help stay up to date with Everything Nabi! blog.
  • Google Translate - Translate words and phrases between more than 64 languages.
  • NEW TalkBack - provides spoken feedback for vision-impaired users.  (Parent Mode only!)
25. Back out of the Browser by hitting the Back soft key.
26.Click on the clock in the bottom right corner.
27. Click on the Settings icon in the bottom right corner.
28. Launch Settings.
29. Scroll down and select Accounts & Sync.
30. Click on the newly added account.
31. Check all boxes beside the apps that you'd like to sync. 
32. Back out of Settings by hitting the Back soft key.
33. Launch and accept all terms for each of the apps that you've installed.

NOTE: If Google Earth has been installed, then the tablet needs to be restarted in order for it to work the first time.

34. Click on the Downloads icon and delete all of the downloaded apks, as their file names are coded and not of much use.  If you`d like to have a copy of all of the apk files you can download them here.