UPDATED - Backing Up with Google Drive!

If you have apps on another Android device (Android 2.3 or lower) that you've purchased from Google Play, you can easily back them up and enjoy them now.  This method makes use of the Cloud rather than a Micro SD Card for transferring the apks between your Android device with Google Play Store and the nabi 2 Tablet.  If you have an Android device that uses Android 3.2 or higher, then the AirDroid method should work for you.

NOTE: If you purchased and/or installed apps through the nabi App Zone or Amazon Appstore, reinstall them on the nabi 2 Tablet through these markets.  This will ensure that if the developer releases an update with enhancements or fixes, that you can take advantage and quickly update your existing apps.

App Backup:
Prerequisites: Android Market /Google Play Store)
1. Power on the device.
2. Launch the Android Market / Google Play Store app.
4. Click the Menu button.
5. Select the My Apps option.
6. Update any apps that are located under the Update section.
7. Click to activate the Search bar, once all apps are updated.
8. Type in "ES File Explorer".
9. Select ES File Explorer.
10. Click the Install button.
11. Click the Accept & Download button.
12. Click the Done button.
13. Click to activate the Search bar.
14. Type in "Google Drive".
15. Select Google Drive.
16. Click the Install button.
17. Click the Accept & Download button.
18. Click the Open button.
19. Click the Accept button..
20. Click the OK button.
21. Click the My Drive option.
22. Select the Menu key on the device.
23. Pick the Upload option.
24. Choose the ES File Explorer option.
25. Click on the AppMgr tab.
26. Choose first app you'd like to upload.
27. Click on the File Way option.
28. Repeat Steps 22-27 until all of the desired apps are uploaded.
29. Back out of Google Drive.

App Installation:
nabi 2 Tablet Prerequisites: Ensure all Required Apks and Google Drive are installed on the tablet following the instructions in the Googlie Booglie post.
30. Power on the nabi 2 Tablet.
31. Log into Mommy/Daddy Mode.
32. Launch the Google Drive app.
33. Click the Accept button.
34. Click the OK button.
35. Click the My Drive option.
36. Click on an apk file to install.
37. Click the Install button.
38. Click the Done button.
39. Repeat this process until all of the apps are installed.
40. Back out of Google Drive by hitting the Back soft key.

NOTE: Some of the apks that you've backed up may not install on the nabi 2 Tablet, as they are not compatible with the Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS.  Others will install but may not actually allow you to play them.

Adding Apps to nabi Mode:
To make the newly installed apps available for your child in nabi Mode, perform the following steps.

41. Click on the Add Apps app in Parent Mode.
42. Check the apps that you'd like to make available in nabi Mode.
43. Uncheck the apps that you'd like to remove from nabi Mode.
44. Back out of Add Apps by hitting the Back soft key.
45. Click the nabi Mode app, to launch nabi Mode.
46. Click the All Apps icon, the six squares in the top right corner, to access the full list of available apps in nabi Mode.
47. Click and hold on the app that you'd like to put on the Home Screen and position it in an open space.