Tegra Zone in the House!

DISCLAIMER:  Everyone should want to maintain a healthy market that rewards and encourages developers to continuously upgrade and create new games and apps.  Please be sure to download and purchase apps from the nabi App Zone, Google Play Store and the Amazon AppStore when they are shown to be compatible with the nabi Tablet.

With the Google Play app still not available on the nabi 2 Tablet, some parents have asked why there aren't many games that take advantage of the Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset in the nabi App Zone.  The main reason is likely that most Tegra Zone games are not rated for kids.

Luckily I have access to a Tegra 2 tablet with Google Play!  Below I've made available a few of the free apps that do not require access to Google Play to complete the installation process.  This will allow parents and older siblings the opportunity to test out the real power of the nabi 2 Tablet, so that you're ready to purchase the full apps, once Google Play is finally available.

Viewing this blog post on your nabi 2 Tablet, will allow you to quickly download and install any or all of these apps, by simply clicking on the download links.  If you type "everythingnabi" in the Browser address bar and hit Enter, you'll find several links that can get you to Everything Nabi!

Click on the link below the wallpaper to download the chosen app. If you'd like to read more details about the game, including permissions and user reviews, click on the following links which will direct you to Google Play for AuraluxGalaxy on Fire 2 THDGuerrilla Bob THD LiteSoulcraft THDVendetta Online, and Zen Pinball THD.

Galaxy on Fire 2 by FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH 
Guerrilla Bob THD Lite by Angry Mob Games

Soulcraft THD - Action RGP by MobileBits GmbH
Vendetta Online by Guild Software Inc

Zen Pinball THD by Zen Studios