Post-Launch Nabi 2 Tablet FAQs

Q: When and Where can I purchase the nabi 2 Tablet?
A: The tablet is currently available online at,, nabi Shop, and  It is also available in many Best Buy and Walmart store locations in the United States.
In Canada, the 
nabi 2 Tablet is available online at,,,, and will be further availability at retailers in Europe (France, Germany, Ireland, Italy,Scotland and the United Kingdom) and Asia (China, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan) by the end of the year.,, are British and Irish retailers that have the tablet on sale before the end of October.

Q: Where can I buy accessories?
A: A collection of colored bumpers, kinabi puzzle pieces, screen protectors are currently available online through the nabi Shop.  A car charger kit with extra long USB cable, headphones, cases, backpack and more will be available before Christmas.

Q: How do you choose Mommy or Daddy mode?
A: During the Sign up process, the “Create a nabi™ ID” page has an option to select Mom or Dad, which dictates Mommy Mode or Daddy Mode.  Be sure to make this selection prior to clicking the Already have a nabi ID Sign In link.

Q: How do you turn off keyboard clicks?
A: When you bring up the keyboard, tapping the bottom right key (advanced settings) will pop-up the Input options screen.  There you can choose to go into the keyboard settings.

Q:Are there still issues with the Monarch OS or have they been fixed?
A: The first OTA (Over-the-Air) update 1.9.16 was released on August 6, 2012. This update included the following enhancements, additions and fixes:
  • Improved stability of the Monarch OS.
  • Smoother video streaming with an update to the Adobe Flash Player.
  • 2.5 second hold on cold boot power-ups, from the previous 10 second hold.
  • nabi MD self-diagnostic app for easy troubleshooting.
  • Sprinkle game app provided as a free addition.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and hibernation crash fixed.
  • Unauthorized access to Mommy/Daddy Mode from nabi Mode fixed.
  • Music playback stability while in Sleep mode fixed.
Be sure to install this update by following the video and step-by-step instructions provided by the link at the beginning of this answer.

Q: How do you download previously purchased apps from App Zone?
A: In Mommy/Daddy mode, go to App Zone. Scroll to bottom. Click on Downloads. Select the All tab and click to download any apps that were previously purchased.
NOTE: You will need to sign in to the App Zone using your existing account information.
Q: How do you get to Settings in Mommy/Daddy mode?
A: Click on the clock in the lower right corner. Click on the image of the sliding levers in the bottom right to open Settings.

Q: How do you take a screen capture?
A: Hold down and hold the Power Button, then press down and hold the Vol - Button.  You'll hear a click and see the screen capture.  The file is stored under \sdCard\Pictures\Screen Captures\... 

Q: How do I get video chat to work on Skype?
A: First, make sure you have enabled video chat in settings by clicking on the three boxes in the top right of the Skype screen and choose settings. Scroll down and make sure enable video chat is checked. Then, make sure the person calling and the person answering select video call, not regular phone call (on the nabi, answer with the green video button, not the green phone button).

Q: How much of the listed 8GB of storage is actually available?
A:  The total available storage on the nabi 2 Tablet is 4.49GB.  The tablet does start with 8GB of storage, but 1GB is used for the Android OS, another 1.5GB is used for Factory Reset data and finally 990MB is used for all of the pre-loaded apps, music and video files.  This is pretty much in-line with the Google Nexus 7 which comes with 5.9GB of total available space, but does not include all of the pre-loaded content.

Q: Do you have to subscribe to Fooz Kids University now?  I thought it was FREE!
A: Fooz Kids University on the nabi is still FREE. Yes, it pops up with a 30-Day Trial message when first launched, but Fuhu is keeping it FREE until more content is added. The Fooz Kids Math content that is and was free on the original nabi Tablet, will always be FREE. The N-SITE, online reports service, that were previously charged for will continue to be a charged service. With the nabi 2 Tablet, Fuhu has added more content across different subject areas, including Science, English, and Social Studies. Although the pop-up says a 30-Day Trial, no one has been charged, and the 30 days is not set to expire anytime in the near future. Will you be charged for it eventually? That depends on how much more content is added and whether Fuhu believes it is worthy of a subscription...but as of right now it's FREE.

Q: What is the manufacturer`s warranty for the nabi 2 Tablet?
A: Warranty:Fuhu warrants product for the period of one (1) year from the date of original retail purchase. If you discover a defect covered by this warranty, we will repair or replace the product at our option using new or refurbished components with reasonable time during the warranty period. Shipping cost, insurance or transportation charges from you to Fuhu or any import fees duties and taxes will not be covered.

Exclusions and Limitations: This warranty does not cover defects resulting from improper or unreasonable use or maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions, accidents, excess moisture, insects, lightning, power surges, connections to improper voltage supply, unauthorized alteration or modification of original condition.

Q: Where is Google Play?  How do I install it?
A. Google's Support Site: 
The Android operating system is open source, which means that any device manufacturer is free to use Android on its devices. However, Google Play is an application that is only made available to devices that pass Google’s compatibility requirements. In addition, manufacturers must obtain a license from Google in order to install the Google Play Store app on their devices.
If you don’t have the Google Play Store app, and your device is not listed here, that means your device is not supported for use with Google Play at this time.

Fuhu has been working hard with Google to become certified so that the Google Play Store can be installed through a future OTA update.

In the meantime, this my blog provides a number of options for sideloading apps from another Google certified Android device that you may own.  Check-out AirDroid is a Slamdunk! and Backing up with Google Drive!

Alternatively, there is a way to root the nabi 2 Tablet and install Google Apps including the Google Play Store.  *** Rooting voids your manufacturer's warranty. ***  It is not recommended, unless you are familiar with doing it on other Android devices.  Remember you are playing with your child's tablet, not your own.  If you are interested, this post on XDA Developers will guide you through the process.