Letting the Monarch out of the Jar!

Fuhu, Inc. finally announced to the world the launch of the nabi 2 Tablet on June 20, 2012, with a number of posts on their website and a number of technical reviews.  

In a surprise announcement on their Facebook page, Walmart, Best Buy and the Gamestop started online sales July 15th, some 9 days before the tablet would be offered in their brick and mortar stores.  Amazon and Target also followed suit with online sales beginning on July 22nd.

Late August should see sales beginning at Future Shop and Best Buy in Canada, as well as, Argos and Tesco in the UK.

There will be further availability at other retailers in Europe (France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Scotland) and Asia (China, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan) by the end of the year.
Facebook Page Official Announcement

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Monarch 2.0 OS
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Spinlets+ Music App & Service
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