Installing & Configuring the Amazon Appstore! (nabi 2 Tablet)

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to install and configure the Amazon Appstore app on your nabi 2 Tablet.  For those of you wanting to access the Appstore, please begin with Step 1.  If you live in France, Germany, Italy, Spain or the United Kingdom, skip down to Step 5, in order to download the appropriate app for your region.  If you live outside of the US or one of the countries listed above, you'll want to check out the Amazing Free Apps for the Rest of the World post, before proceeding.


NOTE: To ensure an error free process, be sure you are using the Browser app and not the Maxthon Mobile Browser, as your default internet browser.

Also if you are already using the Amazon Appstore on another Android device or have an account for product purchases, be sure to log in with same account.  This  will allow you to install compatible apps that you've already paid for and prevent the need to manage multiple accounts.

Finally be sure to take advantage of Amazon's Free App of the Day, everyday!  If the free app is kid-friendly, I list them on the Fan-a-Tech Scott & nabi Tablet Facebook pages.

Installing the Amazon Appstore (US & Canada):

1. Login to Mommy/Daddy Mode.
2. Click on the Fan-a-Tech app.

3. Click on the Get the Amazon Appstore link.NOTE: If the Fan-a-Tech link is not working, launch the Browser app and type Amazon Appstore apk in the address bar, then hit ENTER. 

4. Click on Download Now and skip down to Step 8.

Installing the Amazon App Shop (France, Germany, Italy & Spain & United Kingdom):

5. Login to Mommy/Daddy Mode.
6. Launch the Browser app.
7. Type everythingnabi into the address bar and hit the Enter key.
5. Click on the Everything Nabi! link.
6. Click on the Installing & Configuring the Amazon Appstore! (nabi 2 Tablet) link, shown on the right of the blog, under Popular Posts and scroll down to Step 7.
7. Click on the appropriate Amazon App Shop link for the region you live in to begin downloading. App Shop (France), App Shop (Germany), App Shop (Italy), App Shop (Spain), Appstore (United Kingdom). 

Installing continued...
8. Click on the Download Arrow in the bottom right corner.
9. Click on the Amazon_Appstore-release.apk - Download Complete.
10. Click on the Install option at the bottom.
11. Click the Open option at the bottom, when the installation has completed.
12. Enter the your e-mail address and password, if you have an existing account.  If you don't have an account, please skip down to Steps 42 - 44.
13. Click the Sign-In button.

Setting Parental Controls:

The first thing you'll want to enable after successfully logging in to the store, are the Parental Controls, to ensure that In-App Purchases are disabled.

14. Click the Menu soft key.
15. Click the Settings option.
16. Click on Parental Controls.
17. Check the Enable Parental Controls option, to require your password or PIN in order to purchase in-app items.
18. Enter your password and hit the Continue button.
19. Check the Use PIN, if you'd prefer to use a four digit PIN number instead of your password, when making an in-app purchase.
20. Click on Change/Reset PIN.
21. Enter your PIN and confirm.
22. Click the OK button to close the notification that your PIN has been setup.
23. Click the Back soft key to back out of Parental Controls.
24. Click on In-App Purchasing.
25. Uncheck Allow In-App Purchases.
26. Enter your password and hit the Continue button.
27. Back out of Settings by hitting the Back soft key.

Installing Apps:

If you've purchased apps from in the past, these can be easily accessed and reinstalled on the nabi 2 Tablet.

28. Click on the Menu soft key.
29. Click on the My Apps option.
30. Select the app you want and click the Install button beside it.

31. Click the Install option once it has downloaded.
32. Click the Done option once the app has installed.
33. Continue install apps, as required.
34. Back out of the Amazon Appstore by hitting the Back soft key.

Adding Apps to nabi Mode:

To make the newly installed apps available for your child in nabi Mode, perform the following steps.

35. Click on the Add Apps app in Parent Mode.
36. Check the apps that you'd like to make available in nabi Mode.
37. Uncheck the apps that you'd like to remove from nabi Mode.
38. Back out of Add Apps by hitting the Back soft key.
39. Click the nabi Mode app, to launch nabi Mode.
40. Click the All Apps icon, the six squares in the top right corner, to access the full list of available apps in nabi Mode.
41. Click and hold on the app that you'd like to put on the Home Screen and position it in an open space.

Creating an Account:

42. If you do not have an existing account, rotate the nabi 2 Tablet so that it is in portrait mode.
43. Click on the Create an Account button.

44. Walk through the process of setting up you account by adding your e-mail address, creating a password, adding a Credit Card or Gift Card for app purchases. Once completed, back out of the Browser app and return to Step 12.

For those of you who prefer to follow a video, here's the offical nabi Tips & Tricks YouTube Video, which came out on October 4, 2012.