Hey is that a Firefly?

No, it's the slightly redesigned nabi 2 Bumper - Glow-in-the-Dark edition!
I've been allowed to officially post these photos with the condition that no VIP members go back to the Facebook page and ask when they'll be getting theirs.  If anyone does that, then shipping will be delayed one day per comment!  Just kidding!  Well maybe not!  I can tell you that if you are a VIP Plan member in good standing, that your Glow-in-the-Dark bumper is on it's way, a couple of people have already received theirs today.

Anyway on with the show.  

As you'll see in the first picture, there are will be six new colors to choose from when they hit store shelves later this month.  

The bumper has been slightly redesigned with improved power and volume buttons that make it easier to push down on the underlying tablet buttons.  The food-grade silicone seems slightly smoother to the touch, though I'm not sure if there has been a minor material change or if it's just because it's new.  The nabi logo on the top edge has been replaced with a nameplate holder which will allow your child to customize the tablet with their name using stickers.  It is slightly longer, wider and thicker, with the four corners being beefed up.  

For those of you privileged to be receiving the Glow-in-the Dark edition, the photo at the bottom truly does not do it any justice.  You just can't use a flash when taking a photo of something glowing.  My son's bedroom is covered with Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear wall decals that glow and this fit right in.  

The only minor downside to the redesign is that it peels off the tablet a lot easier than the original red one does.  I really liked how the original really seems to lock on.  Again, I'm not sure if this was designed this way with intent or a small oversight, but the recesses for the red nubs appear to be slight shallower now, not allowing the nubs to grab and hold on to the bumper.  It may also just be that the added thickness to the ends provides a bit more leverage for peeling it away.  This doesn't detract from anything, just an observation.


Fan-a-Tech Scott
Check out all the colors to be available soon!
Redesigned Power & Volume Buttons
Original & Redesigned Bumpers
Slightly Longer, Wider and Taller
Taller Arch, Thicker Ends and the Nameplate Holder
It's Glowing!  You'll just have to trust me on this!

Fan-a-Tech Aleasha's kids testing out their new favorite nabi accessory. 

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