Spreading its Wings: A Nabi 2 Tablet Unboxing Review

Starting July 6th, the Fan-a-Techs began putting the nabi 2 Tablet through its paces in various real-world environments, outside of the manufacturing facility.  This testing will highlight any possible issues that may need to be fixed or enhancements that should be implemented within the Android 4.0.0 OS (ICS), nabi Monarch 2.0 OS or the included 3rd party apps prior to going on sale on July 24th.

This post is just a quick unboxing review to show you the nabi 2 Tablet packaging and what’s included inside.

As usual, the people behind the original nabi Tablet have gone beyond what we have come to expect from other manufacturers, by putting considerable thought into their packaging design, graphics and the final product.  They've listened to and implemented many of the suggestions parents brought forward with the original nabi Tablet. 150 new customizations and features are packed into the this completely redesigned product.

I'll provide an actual operating review of the tablet later this coming week.
I still fall into the appropriate for age group! 
Highlighting some of the pre-installed apps.
A familiar face ...
... and another!
It's a tight fit, but the outer sleeve does slide off.
It's an art studio.  It's a library.  It's a University.  It's a movie theater.  It's a game console.  It's a sturdy well designed and crafted box.
Great packaging design with integrated magnet and hinge that closes the lid flap tight. 
STOP: Do not contact the retailer!
For Support and service please contact us... e-mail, website, Facebook and phone!
A little Asian flair.
Getting Started package, power adapter and Micro USB cable.
The power cord and Micro USB cable now have ferrite beads.
Getting Started package includes standard safety and handling document, plus layout card.
User Manual access.
nabi 2 Tablet with shipping screen protector.
A small tab located under bottom right hand edge of the screen and silicon cover allows for shipping screen protector to be removed.
Screen protector removed.
Turned on for the first time!  Why does the nabi logo display in portrait mode?
Introduction video presented by Kristen Kemp Becker.
Sign in setup with options for Mommy or Daddy Modes.  Click on the Sign In link, if you already have a nabi ID account.
nabi Mode
Kinabi Grid and stereo speakers. 
Unlike its predecessor, it takes some focused effort to remove the silicone bumper.
Good luck little kiddies!
The side ports include a headphone jack, a Mini HDMI port, a Micro USB port, a Micro SD Card slot and DC 5V 2.0A power port.
The power and volume buttons.
Two generations side by side.  Note that there is a new battery light and no hardware buttons.
Added stereo speakers and the Kinabi Grid.  Removed the Reset button.
nabi 2 Tablet's dimensions with cover are approximately 8.675" x 6.000" x 1.125", where as the nabi Tablet's were 8.375" x 5.500" x 1.125".
Different port configurations.
The nabi 2 Tablet weighs in at 1lb 5oz, just 1.875oz more than its predecessor.  This plus the slightly larger dimensions and the grid make the nabi 2 tablet feel more robust.