Pre-Launch Nabi 2 Tablet FAQs

Here is a great list of recent Frequently Asked Questions related to the launch of the nabi 2 Tablet., put together and answered by fellow Fan-a-Tech Levi Wallach.
Q: When and Where can I purchase the nabi 2 Tablet?
A: The tablet is currently available online at and  It is also available in many Best Buy and Walmart store locations, with number of stores carrying it increasing every week.
The nabi 2 Tablet is scheduled to also be released in Canada at Future Shop and Best Buy Canada in late August, as well as, Argos and Tesco in the UK.  There will be further availability at retailers in Europe (France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Scotland) and Asia (China, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan) by the end of the year.

UPDATE August 24, 2012 -  Future Shop and Best Buy in Canada, along with Argos and Tesco in the UK have been provided the nabi 2 Tablets for sale.  These retailers just haven't rolled the product out to their stores or made them available on their web-sites yet.  Fuhu was told that they would be out by the end of August, but unfortunately has no control over the situation, other than ensuring that the retailers have the inventory they've ordered.  This is the same type of scenario that played out in the US with the Walmart launch, which was delayed by Walmart for about a month.  There is still a week left, but the beginning of sales may unfortunately drag out into September.

Q: When will Toys R Us have the Nabi 2?

A: Toys 'R Us, the exclusive retailer for the original nabi Tablet, will no longer be carrying any nabi related merchandise including the nabi 2 Tablet. 

Q: How much with the nabi 2 Tablet cost?
A: The suggested retail price is $199US.

Q: Will I be able to buy the nabi 2 Tablet or will it be extremely hard to get after the first day or two?   WIll I need to camp out overnight at my local Walmart?
A: Fuhu has partnered with many large retail chains and committed to producing very large numbers of nabi 2 Tablets for them from now until Christmas. You should have any problems whatsoever.

Q: What is all this VIP stuff and upgrades all about?
A: Fuhu went above and beyond to offer a special plan to their early adopters of their original Nabi tablet. The offer was promoted heavily here on Facebook for three months until the deadline was reached on May 31st. There is no organized upgrade program outside of those who signed up for them before that date.

Q: Where can I buy accessories?
A: A collection of colored bumpers, kinabi puzzle pieces, screen protectors and other accessories will be offered for the nabi 2 online ONLY on the nabi Tablet web-site first and then all retail partner web-sites after that.  Accessories will not be sold in store until October and only then at a select few. 

Q: Will the nabi Tablet bumpers fit the nabi 2 Tablet?
A: No.  There have been some major design changes made to the new tablet, such as it being slightly larger in size; it now has stereo speakers; some of the port locations have been revised; and the back grid has been added.

Q: What is the nabi XD Tablet and how is it different from the nabi 2 Tablet?
A: The nabi XD Tablet is the next device tablet that will be coming out sometime near the end of the year or early in 2013. The differences between the two tablets will be:
1. Size: 9.7-11.6" for the XD vs. 7" for the nabi 2.
2. Target Market - Tweens and teens for the XD vs. 3-9 years old for the nabi 2.
3. Parental Controls - Fewer controls and social media for the XD vs. nabi Mode and Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser.
4. Cameas - Front and Back Facing cameras for the XD vs. Front Facing camera only, with accessory camera in development for nabi 2.
5. OS - Possibly a different interface for the XD vs Monarch 2.0 interface for the nabi 2.
6. Fooz Kids University - Grade 6 and up for the XD vs. Kindergarten to Grade 5 on the nabi 2.
7. Price - $249-299 for the XD vs. $199 for the nabi 2.
Also note that the XD is still in the planning stages and so some or all of the items listed above could change slightly - this is the same reason why more details haven't been revealed yet. 

Q: Should I buy the nabi 2 now or wait for the XD?
A: The answer is of course "it depends." Some items that might help determine this are: How old is your child?  Is your child more advanced or have learning delays, etc.?  Do you need the tablet as a present for a date in the future (the holidays for example) or as soon as possible?

Q:What kind of camera does the nabi 2 have?
A: The nabi 2 comes with a 2.1 Megapixel front-facing camera for use in Skyping, self-portraits, etc. It doesn't have a back-facing camera. This was done because Fuhu wanted to provide an excellent camera for the back in order to work with an "Augmented Reality" game that they are introducing (called "Battle Kinabi's"), which requires a specialized high resolution camera. To add this to the Nabi 2 would have required a significant price increase, which would have moved it out of the current sub-$200 market. Instead they are planing on coming out with a separate camera that can be mountable to the tablet, put on a tripod or put in a camera housing. Their goal is to sell it at cost in order to make it as affordable as possible, and to introduce it in the Fall. However, due to the fact that it is still in the planning stages, there are no hard and fast dates, specifications, etc.

Q: WIll the nabi 2 be able to download apps from Amazon's App Store or Google Play?
A: While it doesn't come pre-installed, the Amazon Appstore can be loaded on the nabi 2 Tablet. Google Play is not officially supported, however, customers were able to get the Google Play store on the original Nabi by "sideloading" a version of it that they downloaded manually - a relatively easy process. There is every expectation that a similar workaround will surface for the Nabi 2.  Fuhu has also redesigned and loaded their App Zone, so there will be no shortage of apps available.

Q: I heard there are still some bugs on the nabi 2 Tablet, should I wait until the bugs are fixed before buying one?
A: The Fan-a-Techs have been busy testing various updates and Fuhu has fixed most if not all of the issues that have popped up. They will be putting out an OTA (Over-the-Air) update to the nabi 2's firmware as soon as everything is tested and working to expectations. If you buy a nabi 2 Tablet now you may have a tablet that has some of these issues for a week or two, until the first OTA update is pushed out. Please know that these issues are mostly relatively minor ones, such as occasional wifi connectivity issues.

UPDATE August 6, 2012 -
The first OTA Update has been released which includes the following enhancements, additions and fixes.

  • Improved stability of the Monarch OS.
  • Smoother video streaming with an update to the Adobe Flash Player.
  • 2.5 second hold on cold boot power-ups, from the previous 10 second hold.
  • nabi MD self-diagnostic app for easy troubleshooting.
  • Sprinkle game app provided as a free addition.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and hibernation crash fixed.
  • Unauthorized access to Mommy/Daddy Mode from nabi Mode fixed.
  • Music playback stability while in Sleep mode fixed.

Q: How much of the listed 8GB of storage is actually available?
 The total available storage on the nabi 2 Tablet is 4.49GB.  The tablet does start with 8GB of storage, but 1GB is used for the Android OS, another 1.5GB is used for Factory Reset data and finally 990MB is used for all of the pre-loaded apps, music and video files.  This is pretty much in-line with the Google Nexus 7 which comes with 5.9GB of total available space, but does not include all of the pre-loaded content.