Summer Essentials #7: Peach beauty

Peach makeup looks fresh and dewy for the summer, and I keep noticing pretty girls with peach blush, lipstick and toes. Toby and I stopped by the NARS store the other day, and I tried on a peach lipstick. Their Barbarella color was lovely and natural, and I've worn it almost everyday since! (I'd highly recommend it if you're looking for a flattering neutral.) Here are six peachy cosmetics to give you that sun-kissed glow...
1. Peach nectar lip gloss, 2. Barbarella lipstick, 3. Peach eyeshadow, 4. Nectar shimmer brick, 5. A Crewed Interest nail polish, 6. Peach blush.

(Graphic design by Rachel from Elephantine, a new Cup of Jo contributor. Top photo of model Magdalena Frackowiak)