Motherhood Mondays: Are you comfortable being naked in front of your kids? Were your parents?

Toby's almost two, and I haven't thought twice about walking around naked in front of him. While taking a shower, getting dressed, applying makeup in a bra, I'm often half-dressed in the morning while he plays with his toys. But recently Toby has been excitedly pointing out all our body parts (with both Alex and me). Learning about the human body is a healthy part of childhood; and I want Toby to be comfortable with naked bodies and proud of his own body, and I feel fine in front of him. But I'm curious...

Are you naked in front of your children, or do you cover up? How many years can you be naked before it becomes inappropriate? Forever, who cares? How long did your own parents walk around starkers? When I was in middle school, my friend's dad came downstairs in his tighty whiteys to get something out of the laundry; I was mortified! But I'm still happy to change clothes in front of my mom, like if we're in a store dressing room or at home.

P.S. Breastfeeding love, and do you kiss your babies on the mouth?

(Sweet photo by Eric Prince)