Installing Alternative Markets! (Original nabi Tablet)

Even with the myriad of YouTube videos out there, some parents appear to still be struggling when it comes to installing the alternative markets on the nabi Tablet.  Below you will find step by step instructions to get you through those setups.  

Viewing this blog post on your tablet, will allow you to skip several steps, by easily clicking on the download links.  If you type "everythingnabi" in the Google Search field and hit Go, you'll find several links that can get you to Everything Nabi! 

To ensure an error free process, be sure your default internet browser is the Browser app and not the Maxthon Mobile Browser.

Note if you already use the Amazon Appstore or Android Market on your smartphone, then logging in with same account will allow you to install apps that you've already paid for, as long as they are compatible. 

Amazon Appstore:
1. Login to Mommy Mode.
2. Type "Amazon Appstore apk" into the Google Search field and hit Go.
3. Click on the link listed as: Install Amazon Appstore.
4. Click the Download now button.
5. Pull down on the Notification bar at the top of the tablet.
6. Click on Amazon_Appstore-release.apk, once the download has completed.
7. Click the Install button.
8. Click the Open button.
9. If you have an existing account, enter the proper e-mail address and password and click Done. If not then create an account, by clicking the button on the bottom.
After successfully logging in to the store, you may want to enable the Parental Controls and ensure that In-App Purchases are disabled.
10. Click the Menu Key.
11. Click the Settings option.
12. Click on Parental Controls.
13. Check the Enable Parental Controls option, to require your password or PIN in order to purchase in-app items.
14. Enter your password and hit the Continue button.
15. Check the Use PIN, if you'd prefer to use a four digit PIN number instead of your password, when making an in-app purchase.
16. Click on Change/Reset PIN.
17. Enter your PIN and confirm.
18. Click the Back Key to back out of Parental Controls.
19. By default In-App Purchasing should be disabled.  If not, then uncheck the Allow In-App Item Purchases.

Google Play Store (Formerly the Android Market):
Prerequisite:  ES File Explorer 
1. Login to Mommy Mode.
2. Select and launch App Zone.
3. Click on the Search icon in the top right corner.
4. Enter "File" into the Keywords field and click Search button.
5. Click the Free button located by ES File Explorer.
6. Click the Download button.
7. Once downloaded, click the Install button.
8. Once installed, click the Done button.
9. Hit the Home key to exit the App Zone.

10. Type "" into the Google Search field  and hit Go.  (Case does not matter.)
11. Select the link, if you are viewing this post on your tablet.
12. Click on the green Download (3.37 MB) button.
13. Pull down on the Notification bar at the top of the tablet.
14. When 4.txt shows Download Complete, click the Clear button.
15. Hit the Home key to exit the Browser app.
16. Launch the ES File Explorer app.
17. Click on the first icon that looks like an SD Card.
18. Click the nand folder.
19. Click the download folder.
20. Put your finder on the 4.txt file and hold down until the Operations window appears.
21. Select the Rename option.
22. Type 4.apk and click the Done button or key.
23. Click on the 4.apk file.
24. Click the Install button.
25. Click the Open button.
NOTE: Some parents have run into force close issues after clicking the Open button.  If this happens power off the tablet and then restart it. Log back into Mommy Mode and launch the Market app.
26. Click the Yes button to begin adding an account to the tablet.
27. Click the Next button.
28. Click the Create button if you do not already have a Google account, otherwise click the Sign In button.
29. Click the Finish Setup button.
30. Click the Accept button to agree to the various Terms of Services.

After successfully logging in to the store, you may want to enable the User Controls and ensure that purchases can only be made by first entering a PIN.
31. Enter the Market app.
32. Hit the Menu Key.
33. Click on Settings.
34. Scroll down to User Controls and select Set or Change PIN.
35. Enter a PIN number then click the OK button.
36. Re-enter the Pin number then click the OK button.
37. Check the Use PIN for Purchases option.
38. Hit the Backup Key to exit Settings.
Anytime that an app is now to be purchased within the Google Play Store, a pop up will display asking for the PIN number.

There are a number of other websites that offer Android apps, just be sure to do your due diligence when selecting sources and apps for your tablet.  Here are a few additional sites: 1Mobile Market,  4SharedAppBrainAppoliciousAndroidZoom,  and GetJar.