Getting to the Root of the Original Nabi Tablet!

For those of you adventurous enough to steal away your child’s Original Nabi Tablet and root it, here are the refined steps taken by Fan-a-Tech Eric to do so.  He’s modified a couple of lines of code to make them a bit more Nabi friendly. 

1.       Download the following compressed file from RapidShare: Universal qroot Rena3.rar 
2.       Extract the contents to the root of a MicroSD card, using Winrar.
3.       Power on the Nabi while holding the Vol – button, in order to enter bootloader.
4.       The file will auto-run and complete the rooting process.
5.       Reboot the tablet and delete the file from the SD card, using File Explorer.

6. Next you should download ROM Manager and run the Fix Permissions options.  Available free  in the Nabi App Zone.

7. Download Titanium Backup and archive your apps and settings for safe keeping.  Available free in the Nabi App Zone.

8. Finally download the Nabi specific USB drivers to allow you to use Android Debug Bridge (ADB) commands and programs like Droid Explorer from your computer.

Eric would also like to credit qalter for the auto-run script, which greatly simplified this process.

For those of you wondering why you’d want to root the tablet, The Android Authority has provided a good explanation of why and why not.

Rooting for Dummies: A Beginner’s Guide to Rooting your Android Device

Eric thank-you for letting me be the first to post your work and the great conversation we had on Friday!

Remember that although Eric has done this a few time, neither he nor I can be held responsible  if your device becomes bricked.