Getting to the Root of the Original Nabi Tablet!

For those of you adventurous enough to steal away your child’s Original Nabi Tablet and root it, here are the refined steps taken by Fan-a-Tech Eric to do so.  He’s modified a couple of lines of code to make them a bit more Nabi friendly. 

1.       Download the following compressed file from RapidShare: Universal qroot Rena3.rar 
2.       Extract the contents to the root of a MicroSD card, using Winrar.
3.       Power on the Nabi while holding the Vol – button, in order to enter bootloader.
4.       The file will auto-run and complete the rooting process.
5.       Reboot the tablet and delete the file from the SD card, using File Explorer.

6. Next you should download ROM Manager and run the Fix Permissions options.  Available free  in the Nabi App Zone.

7. Download Titanium Backup and archive your apps and settings for safe keeping.  Available free in the Nabi App Zone.

8. Finally download the Nabi specific USB drivers to allow you to use Android Debug Bridge (ADB) commands and programs like Droid Explorer from your computer.

Eric would also like to credit qalter for the auto-run script, which greatly simplified this process.

For those of you wondering why you’d want to root the tablet, The Android Authority has provided a good explanation of why and why not.

Rooting for Dummies: A Beginner’s Guide to Rooting your Android Device

Eric thank-you for letting me be the first to post your work and the great conversation we had on Friday!

Remember that although Eric has done this a few time, neither he nor I can be held responsible  if your device becomes bricked.  

Justin Issac

Our sweet friend Justin has left this earth to rest peacefully in the arms of his Heavenly Father. While we know he is healed and will never hurt again, his family's pain has only really just begun. I ask that you, your families, your churches today please remember this precious family as they try to deal with their loss and eventually learn to live again.

Going on a Reckless Getaway! - A Quinn Pick

If daddy and son are looking for a game that they can both enjoy, then Quinn and I highly recommend polarbit's Reckless Getaway.  Quinn loves racing and crashing his Hot Wheels  and today he's hooked on this game app, that performs fairly well on the Nabi tablet.

While Quinn doesn't understand the intricacies of maneuvering through the police blockades and highway traffic on the sixteen different levels, he enjoys the simple controls, sirens, music and of course all the crashing.  Daddy does too!  

Note this is kind of violent in nature, so make sure it suitable for you and your child.

polarbit is an Android Market Top Developer, check out Reckless Getaway and their numerous other games.

UPDATE: By default you control the vehicle with buttons located on the lower portion of the screen, as shown in the video below.  However under the Control Options you can choose Tilt Steering, which uses the Nabi tablet's accelerometer to steer through the maze of traffic and obstacles.  

Reckless Getaway by polarbit available on the Android Market

Other polarbit game apps available on the Android Market

Family Fun Night

Since Lucy's illness, we have really had to slow our lives down.  I mean REALLY slow down.  And, imagine this, we are loving it.  We look forward to our Friday nights at home.  The girls pretty much declare Friday night movie night, even if that just means watching a little Disney channel before bed.  I forget about dishes, laundry and other chores that need to be done and we just snuggle on the couch or play games, or whatever the girls choose. 

Jack gets outside time with Daddy...

Last Friday, Ella planted seeds that she picked out with Daddy...

Lucy practiced being a little mommy...

 And so did Ella...

 Lucy and Daddy made cookies (I just take pictures apparently)...

 (look at that hair!)

And Ella practiced her organizational skills (she IS my daughter)....

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Today was a busy day.  OT for Lucy, a quick visit with my sweet Maddie girl, homeschooling (Mrs. Cissy is out of town this week), tumbling, church, bath/bedtime and then exercise.  However, we did manage to have some fun:

 (Jack discovered playdoh)

 (we are creating a word wall for Lucy to help with her site words.  Mrs. Cissy and Mrs. Beverly will be so proud!)

At the end of the day, this little girl was tuckered out!  Today, I am so grateful for every breath my three children, wonderful husband and I take. 

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A Question of Faith

I recently received an interesting comment.  I actually received it about 2 weeks ago and just didn't know how I wanted to respond to it.  At first I thought I would just ignore it, but it has been weighing heavily on my mind.  And let me preface this by saying I have no idea if I am giving the "right" answer.  I am sure there are Biblical scholars out there that could espouse eloquent and scripturally based commentary for hours on end.  I am neither a Biblical scholar nor an eloquent writer.  So here goes....

The comment: "My only concern with placing everything in God's hands as Ella implies is that if something does not work out as hoped the blame is on God and that is quite a burden to place on a young child. How does your religion handle this? How does a young child ever have trust again in God if something tragic happens and all the trust had been placed in God?"

My response (even now I am stumbling over my words): 

The word that stood out to me most of all was trust.  Although I absolutely teach my children to trust God, and they do, we choose instead to emphasize to our children to have faith in God. 

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."  Hebrews 11:1

We are faithful to our belief that God will heal Lucy.  We are certain that even if her healing were not to be on earth, it would be in heaven.  Faith allows us to believe in a merciful God, a loving God and a forgiving God.  A God who would never for one moment want us to suffer or experience hurt.  But because we live in a fallen world, we are no longer immune to the trials of this life. 

Ella has received Christ as her savior.  In that very moment that she had her salvation experience, God changed her heart forever.  As a person of faith she has been filled with an unexplainable peace that a relationship with God brings.  As much as I hate to say this, it's the only way I know how to sum it up;  Unless you have faith, unless you have experienced true salvation, you will never understand what faith means.  Unless you believe that there is life after our time on earth and unless you trust that God has prepared a place in heaven for you, then you can't understand how another person can walk through fire with grace.

So, what if things don't turn out for Lucy the way we pray they will?  What if we lost another loved one in our lifetime?  What if we suffer loss on many other different levels?  What if?  What if?  We choose not to live in the what if.  We choose to live in the now.  And if the what if happens, we will be renewed through our faith in God.  He will restore our souls.  He will make us new. 

Will we hurt?  Of course we will.  I cant even imagine the hurt we would feel.  When I think about what Justin's family is going through, I literally yell at God for them, beg God on their behalf and cry out for mercy to a God who promises to answer our prayers.  And He will.  When Justin's work on this earth is done, he will go home to his Father.  Until then, we continue to pray.  Because we have FAITH that God is working. 

A child will learn to trust again just like an adult will.  Time, prayer and more time.  The relationship that is made at the time of salvation is the purest relationship one can ever enter.  While a Christian mourns, experiences anger, questions God and searches for meaning in their despair, God will never turn His back. 

Romans 8:38-39 
For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

When I was 8, a little girl that was as close as family passed away in a tragic accident.  I will never claim to know what her family felt and I can say without a doubt that they still mourn the loss of their daughter.  I truly grieve for them now in a way that I could never have were it not for this experience with Lucy.  But as a child, my understanding of her death was much more innocent than it is now.  I remember a close family friend explaining to us that she had passed away and explained that God needed another angel in heaven.  My faith was not shaken as an 8 year old, although I mourned in the way that an 8 year old is capable.  More so, my faith was renewed by the example that was set by the Christian adults in my life.  Those that did not lash out at God.  Those that chose to turn to God in prayer and seek His help in understanding.

I pray that if our family is ever faced with this situation, Erik and I would set an example of Faith for Ella and Jack. 

So, that's my answer.  It might not be a good one, but's its all I have.  My friend Kristie wrote this on her Caring Bridge site and when I read it I was humbled and ashamed of the fear and anguish I have experienced over Justin's situation.  This woman is a mighty example of what it means to be a Christian.  Could you imagine going through this situation without faith and trust in God?  The testimony that Kristie will have will be immeasurable in human terms. 

"Battles are fought and won in many different ways. Just because my child is going to heaven does not mean he lost by any means. If anything, he has gained. " Kristie T.

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Where We Have Been

I promised we have not dropped off the face of the earth.  It's been really, really busy around here.  So much to be thankful for.  So very appreciative and grateful for a full and busy life.  Out of respect for my sweet friend Kristie, I have chosen not to post about our life right now.  I just don't feel comfortable with it.  So, with that being said, I am going to keep this post short and sweet.  I would ask that you please continue to pray for Justin and his parents.  Justin was sent home over 3 weeks ago and was given about a week to live.  His parents are suffering along with him.  They desperately need your prayers. 

And, if you are inclined, I invite you to keep checking this blog.  I will start updating more in the days to come.  I have lots of pictures to upload and lots of stories to tell. 

Here's what we've all been up to:
  • Lucy has gained 2 pounds!  Shouts were heard around the hospital.
  • She and I were at St. Jude the past 2 days for 3 months/annual testing.  Long, long days.
  • Ella is no longer in a size 7 slim.  Thanks to tumbling she is now one solid muscle and has graduated to 7 regulars!  This probably seems like a crazy thing to post, but it is a huge deal to us.
  • Jack is finally trying to talk.  LOVES to sing and can tell you where his nose is and is a master copycat on the tumbling mat.  My girls were practically reading by 16 months (yes, he is now 16 months), but I'm not too worried.  He seems to just be quite content to groan and grunt.
  • Lucy is getting settled into her new tutoring schedule and seems to love Mrs. Cissy.  Harsh realization that she is really behind her class, but we are committed to getting her caught back up before 1st grade. 
  • Ella made all A's on her report card.  Way to go baby girl!
  • Erik and I are prayerfully considering our next move on the charitable front.  We have lots in the works and I look forward to revealing more details soon.

  • And best of all.......the 2nd Annual Go Lucy Go 5k is being planned.  More details will follow, but we are really excited.  It is going to be bigger and better this year and we are pumped!

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Faith of a Child

Ella's card to Lucy.  It says "Dear Lucy, I no (know) you love God so I trust in you (Him) to get better."

I know she meant she trusts in God to heal Lucy.  Because she does.  They both love Him so much.  Their faith rekindles mine every day.

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Epic Pixel's Missile Defender - A Scott Pick

In celebration of Epic Pixel’s first year anniversary, their Missile Defender game is available as today’s Amazon Appstore’s Free App of the Day

 For those dads that are old enough, this game is designed in the same vein as Missile Command from 1980. As parents should expect from an app with this title, there is some violence associated with it, so you may not want to make it available in Kid's Mode for your younger children. The object of the game is to defend a city from the incoming enemy bombardment of missiles and bombs, while trying to minimize damage with the least number of anti-missiles.  When daylight arrives it’s time to access the damage, repair the city and upgrade your defences. 

The graphics scale up very well on the Nabi Tablet and the game play is very interactive, developing reaction time to audio bomb warnings and hand-eye coordination with the use of the touch screen.

The initial Missile Defender screen provides the following menu and setting options: Play, Continue, Score, More, Sound and Haptic.

The Play option allows the player to begin a new campaign with a clear explanation of the weapons, how to score and what’s being defended.  Early levels only take 30-40 seconds to complete, so the action is intense. Once the night time invasion has finished, repairs can be made to damaged buildings with the points earned. Depending on number of buildings intact and repair points left over, the player can upgrade various weapon systems before the next invasion. Each level gets increasingly more difficult with the number, speed and direction of incoming weapons. The pause button or Nabi’s return soft key are the only methods of bring up the menu and settings bar, available only during a night campaign.

Start Screen on Night 1

We're Under Fire!

The Continue option allows a player to start the game where they last left off.

The Score option provides a list of scores and the related levels achieved.

The More option brings up a list of Epic Pixel’s other games: Grow and Rapid Toss.  Clicking on these will take the player to an App Store for purchase and download.  Links to Epic Pixel’s Facebook and Twitter sites are also included.

By default the Sound and Hapticsettings are set to on.  The player just needs to touch the word to toggle the setting off or on.

This is a very simple but entertaining game with supposedly limitless levels.  A definite pick for anyone who likes nostalgic video games.  **** FOUR STARS


I've finally allowed myself to breathe and the news is slowly sinking in. I am happy to report that by the grace of God Lucy received a good report today.

Thank you all for the blanket of prayer that you covered our family with today. Your prayers are what kept us moving today. I will be honest and say that for a long time I have felt as if these scans we're going to be ok. However, starting this week doubt had begun to creep into my mind. By noon today I could hardly breathe. The weight of fear that weighed on my chest made it hard to even move.

We know that today was only one step in the journey of many, many miles but we are rejoicing in today's victory. Praising God for His gentle mercies and answered prayers. Thanking God for the miracle in my sweet Lucy.
3:10 pm. Headed home. Now the agonizing wait begins.
11:17am. Lucy just went back for scans.


Lori- go to Amazon and do a search for Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.  They have several CDs and I know you will find one (or two) you will like!  I will pray for your husband and you as well. 
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The Art of Distraction

Tomorrow is Lucy's scan day.  Scaniexity has set in.  I am not nervous, just anxious.  So, today my only goal was to keep myself busy.  The morning started with early tutoring for Lucy and a haircut for me, followed by a few errands run in town.  Thank you Phil Ramsey for my gorgeous picture of Jack and a special thank you to Camille for the very nice gift.  Thank you notes will follow. 

Then we headed to Memphis for dentist appointments for both girls.  Ella was scheduled to have her upper appliance taken out and guess what else....

My baby girl got braces.  I think they make her look so old.  My heart is a little hurt tonight.  My baby girls isn't my baby anymore.  Ugh.  I HATE it!!

Lucy was scheduled for a teeth cleaning.  I was really dreading it for a couple of reasons.  One, she hates to have her teeth brushed.  I think they are still so sensitive due to not being used for so long that she just cries every time she sees a toothbrush.  Secondly, there were many days in the hospital when brushing teeth was just a battle I didn't fight.  Erik and I were prepared to hear that she had many cavities and that her teeth were in horrible shape from the acid erosion from vomiting so much.  Thankfully, in nothing short of a miracle, her teeth looked great!  No cavities, no tartar buildup.  We will consider this a small victory for our team!

Next, we headed to Hobby Lobby for a few activities to keep us busy tonight.  I made hair bows for Lucy's hats.

Then I came home and helped Erik hang the new picture of Jack, put laundry away and sewed Cabone rings on Lucy's blackout draperies in her room. 

Oh, and I prayed a LOT today.  Alternating prayers for Justin and Lucy, I found myself talking with the big Man more than usual.

And on another note, Lucy won't leave the house without at least 2 blankets and 3 stuffed animals.  She's so cute!

And Jack plays so hard every day that he is likely to fall asleep anywhere, anytime!

I thank you all in advance for your prayers tomorrow.  I wish I could begin to explain what I am feeling tonight, but I can't.  So I will only say that my Hope is in the Lord and my strength comes from Him, too.  The prayers going up for Lucy now and tomorrow will help us make it through the worry and wait. 

Thank you for loving my girl!
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Sisterly Love

Taken with my phone at 1:00am this morning.  Melted my heart.

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UPDATED! Charging Issues & Fixes

Nabi 2 Tablet Users:
If you are have a broken charger or are having issues charging the nabi 2 Tablet here are the steps that you need to follow in order to begin the process for receiving a replacement.  Providing all of the requested information will ensure that the process goes smoothly.  

Send an e-mail to
 with the following subject "BROKEN CHARGER".  Provide your full contact information, including phone number.  Honestly and clearly explain what your issue with the charger and/or cable is.  Attach a photo of the broken or bent end and include the serial number of the tablet, which can be found on the box or the back of the tablet with the bumper removed.  Finally provide a good time for a nabi Cares member to contact you, if they need any further information or would like to troubleshoot your issue.

TIP: Do not let young children play with the tablet while it is charging.  A parent should always remove or plug in the charging connector.  Let older children know that they have to be careful of the connector if they are playing with the tablet with it plugged in.
  • Ensure that the battery is initialized by charging it for at least 4-6 hours before turning it on for the first time.
  • A portable device should be turned off while charging. This allows the battery to reach the threshold voltage unhindered and reflects the correct saturation current responsible to terminate the charge. A parasitic load confuses the charger.
  • Lithium-ion does not need to be fully charged; a partial charge is better.
  • Chargers use different methods for “ready” indication. The light signal may not always indicate a full charge.
  • Before prolonged storage, apply some charge to bring the pack to about half charge.
Original Nabi Tablet Users:
Many early adopters have unfortunately had various issues with the wall charger that came with their Nabi Tablet.  Some have been faulty, where others have had the end connector tip break off.

Nabi Cares Support has quickly jumped into action to find a replacement solution to calm worried and frustrated parents.

While connecting the provided Mini USB cable to your desktop computer or laptop for charging will work, it may not be convenient and means that your computer must be on for the Nabi Tablet to charge. Be sure that your tablet is shut off when using this method.

Many of you may also already have a compatible USB wall charger solution.  Most Smartphones come with one of these.  Carefully read the specifications on the side of your charger and confirm that it meets the requirements provided by Nabi Cares Support below.

Nabi Cares Support initial replacement response was to provide options available online at Amazon or local computer stores.  They promised compensation for this purchase by submission of a receipt for credit against future accessories, apps or subscriptions.  Nabi Support confirmed on January 31st that this was still a viable option for replacing a faulty or broken charger, until a permanent replacement was available through them.

The charges that were returned to Fuhu for replacement had broken or loosened tips, which pointed to design issue. Upon a lengthy investigation it was determined that the originally sourced manufacturer was cutting corners to save money and thus providing Fuhu and inferior product.

Now that Fuhu, Inc. has a new wall charger available, they've decided to deal with the replacement of faulty or broken chargers internally, eliminating the need to co-ordinate the effort through Toys R Us, which would have required original receipts and the chargers.  If you require a replacement charger e-mail with your name, full shipping address and the tablet's serial number and they'll send you a new charger at no cost to you.

***UPDATE*** Nabi Support - March 27, 2012 Facebook Post:

They're here!! The new chargers are in and will start shipping out today. Thanks for your patience... we definitely think it's been worth the wait. The new wall chargers are now a 2-piece USB wall charger with a reinforced tip plus a separate USB flip wall AC adapter. Now you have the option to use the USB AC adapter with the USB to mini USB cable that came with your nabi.

Nabi Support - March 20, 2012 Facebook Post:
Our new wall chargers are on their way ... to us ...  You should start receiving them next week... and into the following week.

Nabi Support - March 7, 2012 Facebook Post:

CHARGERS are on schedule and should be here in two more weeks. I thought I would upload this picture to showcase the charger problem and the fix. The picture on the left is the NEW charger tip and the one on the right is the OLD one. If you look closely at the base of the charger tip which we cut away you can see the difference...the new one has a large cylindrical base that prevents it from pulling out and has the wires embedded into the cylinder while the old one has no base so it is easily pulled and and the wires are only soldered to the tip so this can easily be disconnected...can easily be disconnected...can you believe it?!?! Just to save a couple of pennies...we will fix it! This is the findings of our new quality assurance team in China....already paying off!

Nabi Support - March 2, 2012 Facebook Post: 
We originally thought that the issue was that the tip of the chargers were either breaking off or weakening because of the length of our charger tips. We were told that this was a result of the charger tip not seating completely into the nabi charger receptacle and therefore weakening or breaking the connector. We, on the advice of our EX-charger manufacturer, then ordered replacement chargers with shorter tips. After waiting 3 weeks and shipping nearly 300 replacement chargers...!@#$@ arghhh! we found the replacements were suffering the same problems as before...broken tips and not charging.

However, thanks to our friends at Texas Instruments (TI) we have found the real problem and a final solution which we are confident will finally eliminate this issue altogether...WOOO HOOOOOO! So let me explain...we have come to call this the dreaded ".12 cent decision" internally. Our EX-charger manufacturer, (yes I have said EX several times, please allow me this little satisfaction) decided to increase their profit by saving .12 cents... .12 freakin cents?!?!? and utilize a sub-standard and cheaper tip connector...this is the part that connects the tip to the plastic casing and wiring to the charger...and therefore what all of you are experiencing is that the tip is becoming disconnected from the wiring and in some cases completely breaking off and therefore not charging... Even after we had described this in detail, to our EX charger manufacturer, and sent them examples of charger tips broken off into the tablets they said with absolute resolve that this was a tip length issue...fortunately for our Facebook page and this community we got in touch with TI who identified the cheap connector and when we finally cornered our EX-charger manufacturer with the TI evidence they admitted to the decision to save .12 cents...can you believe this? Every time we send out a replacement charger our costs exceeds $25! $25 for .12 cents more in profit for the charger sometimes we ask ourselves if it is worth it?!?!? $25 is more than we make on a tablet...all so our charger guys could make .12 cents...!@#@!!

THE SOLUTION! We have sourced another charger and manufacturing relationship that is now building to (TI) specification and we will have the new chargers within 25 days. We have stopped shipping chargers until we have the new ones. Once they are in we will begin to ship replacements! Secondly, we have hired an industry veteran who has over 25 years of experience to manage quality control over components suppliers like our chargers. We are confident that within the next 30 days the charger issue will become a distant, but educational, frustrating lesson and memory. We are positive that our new manufacturing VP will make the type of decision making of our manufacturers to save pennies while costing us time, money and frustrated customers a thing of the past! Quality and trust in our products are number one for us! 

Nabi Support - January 31, 2012 Facebook Post:

WALL CHARGER UPDATE!  We do have replacement chargers!  We have decided not to go through Toys R Us for fear that it would not be handled like we want.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: It is at NO COST to you.  Please email us at with your address and we will send you a new one for free.  Please do not take advantage of this exchange, although we will not check, we are hoping for good will from our community.  The charger will cost us over $10 including shipping,  If you'd like a second, back-up we will send you one and split the costs for your honesty!

Nabi Support - January 23, 2012 Facebook Post:

Replacement chargers have been sent to Toys R Us distribution centers and hopefully in stores within this week. 

Just walk in give them your broken one and they will give you a replacement for FREE!

For all of you who have not had issues with your chargers please be very careful in charging.

We are having roughly a 10 percent failure rate of our chargers which is way too high for us but does showcase that this is an issue with design and usage. Design and usage means that the loosened or broken tips are a result of charging care.

Please be aware that 100 percent of the chargers returned to us have had a broken or loosened tip. Please be careful when charging and pulling out your chargers.

Nabi Support - January 17, 2012 Facebook Post:

NEW WALL CHARGER: All, as promised our new chargers are here! Although we will make continued improvements, this new solution has a shortened tip that will make it flush with the nabi and less likely to break.

You can get the new charger shipped to you for the cost of shipping & handling ($5 flat fee), or you can pick one up in Toys“R”Us stores in a couple weeks. If you want one shipped to you now, email me at with “new wall charger” as the subject line.

We’re also working on a long-term solution that will have an L-shaped tip and we’ll keep you posted on that.

NOTE: This message was for anyone whose original Nabi wall charger has broken or stopped working.

Nabi Support - January 3, 2012 11:19am

“We recommend that you wait for the replacement we will provide you; however if you have a broken one and cannot wait any one of the ones we recommended above will do!”

Nabi Support - January 2, 2012 8:17pm

“We’ll make an announcement on a long-term more durable solution when that becomes available.”

Nabi Support - January 2, 2012 Facebook Post:


First of all, THANK YOU for your patience as we searched for alternative charging solutions. Below is a list of 4 USB wall chargers available on Amazon that will work with the Nabi. These should be used with the USB/Mini USB cable that is included in your Nabi:
Griffin Power Block Micro Charger
Energizer Universal USB Charger
Belkin Mini Surge Protector / Dual USB Charger
Elago Dual EL-USB Charger

There are other Mini USB Wall chargers that can also work... 

The key is make sure the output is 1Amp (1000mA) or above. 

Again, we will credit you for your costs to be utilized against accessories, apps or subscriptions so keep your receipts!

Nabi Support - December 31, 2011 Facebook Post:

We purchased 5 different universal chargers from and found the following results:

1. CAUTION! We do NOT recommend buying any of the universal chargers available on Amazon, as we found that the specifications need to match ours below exactly (if the specs are not exact, they could burn out your tablet):

INPUT: 100-240V 50-60Hz 0.45A Max (0.4A Max would also work)

OUTPUT: 5V 2000mA
CONNECTOR: OD (Outer Dimension) 2.35mm ID (Inner Dimension) 0.7mm
2. 2 out of the 5 universal chargers purchased actually "fried" our tablets.

3. Although we printed 2.5mm on the outer dimension of our charger tip, we have come to find that it is actually 2.35mm.

4. Good news is that we have found that the USB plug in chargers work and are safe. We believe that most of these will work fine; however, we have ordered several of them and will get you our results tomorrow.

5. We have made replacements a top priority and will keep you posted as information comes available.

Nabi Support - December 31, 2011 Facebook Post:

CHARGING ISSUES: OK...nabians, here's what we have found with regard to the charger problems many of you are experiencing. 

1) This is NOT a problem with your battery. 

2) If you are using your USB cable and computer, this method will be much slower and we recommend turning off your tablet completely when doing this, please do not leave your tablet in sleep mode as this may result in 0% charging. Many are then assuming the battery has an issue but this is not the case, it is simply a frustratingly slow charge. We recommend never charging in sleep mode but always with your nabi completely turned off.
3) The charger is the main source of the problem...we have found that the length of the tip is slightly longer than the depth of the jack. This is resulting in either a malfunctioning charger or a broken off tip. If you are not having trouble with your charger please take extra care in charging. This has been addressed for our next shipment of tablets. We will also have a date for all of you to go to your local Toys R Us and receive a FREE replacement by next week Tuesday.
4) We have found that USB chargers are more convenient than plugging into your computer and often come in bundles with car adaptors, so even when we get the replacements from us you haven't wasted your money.
5) If your tablet will not turn on, even after being plugged in for a while this is a result of your tablet's battery being too far discharged, please plug it in for at least 8 hours once to get a full charge.
6) We will have a recommended replacement by 3:00 pacific today, for a charger you can buy on amazon and receive in 24 hours, if you cannot wait for our replacements.

Thanks for the patience...sorry for the delays, the holidays are impacting our abilities to hire and respond quickly! We are working 12 hour days...please be patient and forgiving!

Nabi Support - December 29,2011 Facebook Post:

1. Charger Issue: Many people are having trouble charging you nabi either because of a faulty charger or a broken charger tip. We are in the process of doing three things...

1) shipping replacements (however this is replacement with the existing problematic charger) 

2) finding a new charger for next production run 

3) purchased 5 universal chargers from Amazon. We will test all 5 of these and recommend which ones you can purchase by this Friday. We will credit you for any of your costs to be utilized against accessories, apps or subscriptions or refunds, so keep your receipts!

Everything Nabi!

I'm starting this blog in hopes of organizing some of the variety of topics that are being brought up on the Nabi Tablet Facebook page.  While Facebook is great at building a community of users, it doesn't really allow those users to search past posts effectively, thus the same questions are popping up day in and out. 
Nabi Support has created a Support page with links to FAQs and helpful videos, but  scrolling through everything is still a chore.  
This blog will try and highlight some common challenges and solutions, as well as bring to light some great and not so great apps for your child's Nabi.



Today has been a hard day.  For Lucy and for me.  She is having a hard time adjusting to the new feeds and complains almost constantly of a tummy ache.  It's so hard to see her hurting, but I know she has to eat.  It's like rehabilitating a broken leg.  It hurts but you have to push through to reach the desired end results.  She will grow accustomed to eating again.  It's just going to take time. 

I'm afraid I'm beginning to come across as a little unstable these days.  One day I'm up, thinking about how great Lucy is doing.  Then the next I am down.  Today, and tonight, I'm way down.  Like crying so hard my head is going to explode kind of down.  I'm really, really pissed off about cancer tonight. 

This is a horrible picture of me, but I think it truly captures exactly how we both were feeling today.  We were sitting in the big chair in E clinic.  Lucy crying because her tummy hurt and me sobbing because for whatever reason the weight of every mother in that hospital seemed to be on my shoulders today.  I met two mothers this afternoon who have been locked in their children's battles for a while.  One mom who's son has missed his whole high school experience thanks to Medulloblastoma.  When she was telling me this, I cried.  In front of this total stranger, I cried and fought back the urge to scream.  I hurt for her son so badly.  Then I cried for the kind lady who was snuggling with her precious bald headed 15 month old who hadn't seen her 3 year old much for the past year and who is about to journey to the other side of the country for more treatments.  I don't know what it was about today.  I have walked the halls of that hospital for almost a year now.  But today was different.  I ached and cried for every parent, every child and every sibling there today. 

I also cried as I thought about the last time I saw my precious friends Kristie and Justin.  They were sitting in the chairs beside me.  I don't know it I will ever sit in those same seats again.  That is just a sacred memory to me.  I literally felt as if someone was wringing my heart with their hands as I prayed for my friends.  If I could carry Kristie's burden for even 1 hour I would.  I would love to give her the kind of rest I know she so desperately needs.  I would love to provide the strength I know she is searching for right now. 

After I brought Lucy home from an all day excursion to the hospital she collapsed on the couch.  I could tell she didn't feel well and quickly realized that she was running a fever.  So, back to Memphis she went.  Erik took her so that I could actually be home with my other two for a few minutes before they went to bed.  When I got her off the couch, she was crying and pleading "I just want to stay at my house."  My almost 6 year old baby is really starting to get tired of it all.  She just wants her normal life back.  She cried all morning because she can't go back to school right now.  She was so mad at me for the longest time today.  (a Rocephin shot and fluids was all she needed tonight, but she did have to get "stuck" for the 3rd time today.)

My sweet Ella is starting to ask a lot of questions about Lucy's cancer that I really am not prepared to answer.  I just don't know what to say.  When she boldly asks "Will Lucy ever have cancer again?" I don't know what to tell her.  I don't want to lie to her but I also don't want to add any more worries to her sweet heart than she already has.  She's a worrier by nature, but she's also crazy smart.  She knows so much more than I realize.  After Friday, Erik and I know that we need to sit and talk with her about some things.  We've just got to get Friday under our belts first. 

I was talking to my friend Leigh tonight about the feelings and emotions I was dealing with today.  I told her about meeting the two new ladies and the conversations that we had.  Leigh reminded me of a time in my life where I wrote about knowing there were hurting mothers at St. Jude that needed someone to talk to.  They just needed someone to connect with.  I wasn't ready then.  I was selfish and mourning in my own way.  I don't feel bad about that either.

But now things are different for me.  I don't usually seek people out to talk to, but I sure am willing to be a set of ears.  And I have no problem sharing a tear with a total stranger.  Because what I've learned is that when you enter the walls of St. Jude, when you walk the halls as a mother, you are a part of a bigger family.  A family whose common bond is fighting like hell to see their children survive.  The tears, the anger, the fear...those are the common threads that knit us together.  At one point in my journey as a cancer mom, I couldn't carry anyone's burdens but my own.  Now I realize that I don't have a choice.  I might not personally know every family that walks through those hospital doors but I don't have to.  I am living their nightmare with them every day. 

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