Jack's Photo Session and Life

If you want to see what pure heaven on earth looks like, you should check this out:


Ok, so maybe I am biased, but he truly is an angel.  Having the pictures made is the easy part.  Picking out the perfect one is the hard part.  Thank you Phil for capturing the magical moments of my children's childhood.  The photographer, my friend Phil, is a wonderful Christian man who has perfected the art of the portrait.  Funny thing is, his own father took my baby pictures. 

Lucy's ANC dropped to 0 today.  We weren't surprised, but now my stomach remains in knots as I just wait for the fever to hit.  Erik's parents and sister came down to visit Lucy tonight so my mom and I took the opportunity to go get dinner with my sister.  I wish I could say I really enjoyed it, but that would be a stretch.  I did enjoy the time with my family, but I was a nervous nelly the whole time I was gone.  This is such a volitile time in Lucy's recovery and it's hard for me to walk away even for a moment.  I'm quite sure it will be a very long time until I feel as if I can let go.

More than likely she will receive blood and platelets tomorrow.  The low ANC, the low blood counts....they are all related.  This waiting game is hard, but we are thankful for every single moment out of the hospital. 

Here are some pictures from the last few days at the Target House:

 (My little Sunday morning chefs.  They cracked 12 eggs for the two of us.  Erik just couldn't tell them to stop.)

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