Day 2 Round 2

We are just in awe of how well Lucy has done today.  She was really sick this morning, vomiting quite a lot.  At one point she had been given Zofran, Benadryl, Ativan and Phenergan all within 30 minutes of each other.  It did help with the nausea so we were glad about that.  One would assume that a child given that many anti-emetics would be knocked out for hours.  Oh, no.  Not Lucy.  She was raring to go and had a blast at physical therapy.  She was insistent on going and was not ready for it to be over when her time was up. 

It was a crazy day on other fronts.  Erik's family came to visit and brought Jack and Ella.  We were thankful to have our room at the Target House to use as a staging ground, with us all taking turns visiting with Lucy.  She enjoyed seeing everyone, but really had a nice time with her sister.  They stayed in the playroom doing art projects forever!  Tomorrow is Sibling Day at St. Jude, so Ella is coming down and Erik and I are going to take her to those activities while my mom stays up stairs with Lucy.  Ella is really excited and I am just in awe of how many things St. Jude does to honor and recognize the siblings of children with cancer.  It's pretty awesome.

(What you are seeing is Lucy eating 5 bites of pancakes.  Maybe she will be the first child to gain an appetite while receiving Chemo.  Crazy!)

And on another note.....Jack discovered he loves the piano as much as his Mommy does!

Praising God for a great day and praying for another good day tomorrow. 
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