New Year resolutions

  1. When I suggest NY resolutions to others, I will try to keep the list to less than ten items.  Unless they really, really need more.

  1. Continue making fun of all my Mac- and iPhone-loving friends and colleagues for being mindless Apple-worshipping drones getting sucked in by all the hype.

  1. Convert at least ten more people to use Amazon's Kindle.  That thing is frigging awesome!

  1. Continue antagonising Lynn, Big Daddy and jillsmo.  Otherwise, they might never learn how to behave in public.

  1. Continue antagonising a couple of young wankers at work.  Otherwise, they might never learn they're wankers.

  1. Take the boys to the movies for the first time in their lives.  It won't count if we need to walk out halfway through the film, so it may take a few tries.

  1. Blog every week.  This list counts as this week's entry.  Single photos with smarty-pants comments don't count as entries.

  1. Teach the boys stuff.  Details are a bit sketchy, I know…

  1. Whenever a Canadian Facebook friend complains about winter, to always comment "Winter! Lol!" or "Snow! Lol!"

  1. Take up smoking.  People look damned cool when they're smoking.  Lord knows I need all the help I can get.